23 October 2013

Perennial Request List 2013

  1. Infinis
    pairings with: Gold; Silver; Winter; Ice; Black; White Stripe; Moonstone*gifted Black by panthera1
  2. Jadedragon07
    pairings with: Gold; Silver; Black; White; Spriter Alts; user posted image
  3. mandrakekeeper
    pairings with: Gold; Silver; Nebula; Stripe*gifted Nebula by panthera1
    ...and for a potential partner for Christmas Holly Decoration, looking for gifts / trades of:
    2 stripes with user posted image
    3 stripes from user posted image
    3 stripes from user posted image
    1 Green Stripe with user posted image*gifted 1 of 3 originally requested Green Stripes by panthera1
    1 Green Stripe with user posted image*gifted
  4. xaneas
    pairings with: Gold; Silver*gifted Gold x user posted image by panthera1
  5. Saori_Nightstar
    user posted image x NebulaBlack; Gold; Silver*gifted Black / Nebula by panthera1
  6. Dragoncia
    2nd gen Purple Neb x user posted image mate request
  7. panthera1
    2nd gen Nebula from CB user posted image x CB Nebula, any color
    *gifted by mandrakekeeper
  8. panthera1
    4th EG offspring from mandrakekeeper's Holy Holly Gold - 3EG x Sparkdragon's Red Christmas 3EG
  9. Kimoko_the_Dragon
    Silver x user posted image
    *gifted by mandrakekeeper
  10. GoldenFist
    anything x Holiday / Holiday dragons
  11. panthera1
    2nd gen White Stripe from Stripe x user posted image
    *gifted by mandrakekeeper
  12. mandrakekeeper
    2nd gen Stripes from Stripe x user posted image (4) *1 gifted by panthera1
  13. Dimar
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern x user posted image *gifted by Wanderer
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern x male user posted image
    2nd gen Winter from Winter x user posted image
  15. Dimar
    Gen2 Gold from Winter Magi as a foundational mate for this dragon 
    *gifted by panthera1

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